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Destinaton wedding in Istria, Paladnjaki – Rhianan & Keith

Istria, Croatian peninsula is among top places and destinations to say “I do” and get married abroad. Its medieval towns, a beautiful and magical atmosphere, fairytale-like locations, glamorous restaurants, hotels and wineries are the main reason why wedding videographers simply love to film destination weddings in this particular part of Croatia, not to mention the beautiful sea, sunshine and picturesque scenery and landscape. It was always a dream for us to shoot and film weddings in Istria and when Rhianan and Keith asked us to be part of their wedding we couldn’t resist and say “I do” to this beautiful couple.

This is a love story of Rhianan and Keith, who popped the question on a beautiful beach in Mauritius after 4 years of dating.

Croatian roots, London connection and Mauritius proposal

Rhianan was born is a small town in Istria – Labin and Keith was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. They both lived in London and worked in the newspapers industry so their paths crossed at the work event in London in 2011. We would like to believe it was a destiny that brought together this lovely couple. After Keith proposed to her just before the dinner at Mauritius’ beautiful beach, she immediately started thinking about her wedding while still on holiday in Mauritius, but she always knew she wanted to get married in her Labin in Croatia, instead of having a wedding in London. She wanted to show everyone in England, where she lived until she was 9, her roots and heritage.

“Croatia will always be my home, wherever I may be in the world I’ll always come back. It’s a very special place where my family and best friends still live.” – said Rhianan.

Filming started in Labin

We started with filming quite early in the morning in order to capture a beautiful landscape of Labin, a beautiful Istrian town, a birthplace of our beautiful bride. We have to admit that this is a real treat for all wedding videographers as here we had a chance to take cinematic scenes from the air and the ground, something that definitely enriched our cinematic destination wedding video. We had no problems with birds, nor curious tourists while we filmed from the air.

Happy that our day started perfectly, we continued our way through the beautiful Istria to our final stop – Paladnjaki. As the scenery became more beautiful we could not but to think “I have to film this with a drone and make a special movie about the beauties of Istria from the air!” Croatia is a very beautiful country to film and each region has its own special charm, but Istria is somewhat special and its beauties would recognize any destination wedding filmmaker. At Paladnjaki, in Žminj, we found wedding professionals preparing for the wedding in full swing, flowers were being arranged, tables placed, Martina, their wedding planner, was setting up final preparations for this beautiful outdoor wedding venue. Without thinking we decided to take action and started to shoot and film all the details. Agrotouristic place Paladnjaki is a pretty special wedding venue, surrounded by lavender fields, olive trees and small narrow roads – a true delight for any wedding cinematographer.

Rhianan and Keith hired Martina from Weddings in Croatia for their destination wedding planner who did a remarkable job with the organization and setting. Rhianan also was in touch with local vendors and friends of friends who helped them with favours and all those little things that will make their wedding a dream come true. Rhianan said that having someone like Martina on hand was the best decision they made as she completely understood her and she knew any decision she made on their behalf would be the right one. We couldn’t say anything but to agree with Rhianan about her professionalism and creativity when it comes to destination wedding planning.

When you find yourself at the wedding that the wedding ceremony and celebration was planned to be at the same venue, you’ll have an opportunity to film that atmosphere from the beginning to the end and transfer all of it into the cinematic wedding movie. That is exactly what we did. Such details are really important to all wedding movie makers and we were extremely happy to capture everything and represent an entire love story of this couple’s special day.

The Wedding Preparation

The bride and groom’s preparation started soon and filming precious moments for this wedding video at the same time, from different rooms was not a problem to us because there was more than one videographer (we had a whole team with us) so we didn’t have to worry that we will miss capturing a single moment.

Sometimes, it’s a great advantage to unobtrusively film special moments of wedding preparations, knowing that there is another experienced wedding videographer that films spontaneous moments of a couple at the same time. The wedding hasn’t started yet and we already had plenty of great scenery to choose from for our wedding movie trailer which made us extremely happy.

Both Rhianan and Keith did their preparation in a small traditional, stone house nearby and Rhianan was surprisingly relaxed, although she worried about the weather a lot. They had friends and family flying in from all over the world for their wedding – England, USA, Hong Kong and they had made it into their summer holiday so it was a lot of pressure on her that they will have a great time. Keith and Rhianan exchanged their wedding gifts, which was a really emotional moment.

As being a cinematic wedding videographer it is really important to record a vast variety of scenes in order to make a visually attractive wedding movie, because once you start editing and work on making a wedding movie then you’ll see what really “works best” for each wedding movie. We have very high standards when shooting and filming details, interior, people (which can be seen from our videos and photos), but what differs us from the competitions is our specialty to convey the real atmosphere of each wedding with care by waiting, organizing and silently capturing special moments such as real emotions, smiles, tears, etc. – little things which requests lots of time, patience and preparation in order to shoot them right away without affecting the atmosphere in the room. Having a bigger team at the wedding eases everything and makes our job even more perfect!

The Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The outdoor wedding ceremony was in the garden of the Paladnjaki estate which was remarkably decorated thanks to Martina from Weddings In Croatia.

After all guests and friends gathered, the wedding ceremony started. Rhianan wore the wedding dress by an Australian designer Martina Liana.

“I love her dresses and originally wanted a backless one, but couldn’t find the perfect one.” – said Rihanan. She looked stunning!

We filmed the ceremony from different angles by filming and photographing with Steadicam & gimbal. We have to admit that this was one of the most emotional wedding ceremonies we attended to. After the couple sealed the ceremony with a kiss we decided to film the outdoor wedding venue with our drone camera.

As we made a promise to our bride Rhianan, the drone  hasn’t attracted the attention of their wedding guests. We did this silently and professionally as always, no one knew we were there – every client’s desire! We used high-end drone camera with interchangeable lenses, specifically, a long focal length for filming this wedding without anybody noticing that we’re recording.

After the ceremony, the band played the old Istrian melodies on original, traditional Istrian instruments, it’s been remarkable! While the guests took the time to grab some cocktails and finger food, we managed to sneak out with the couple to have a short shooting in the lavender field. We had to walk through the old, dusty road across the railway, which gave us additional setting and motives for shooting and filming.

The Wedding Reception and Celebration

As the wedding reception was held at the same venue, we didn’t have to bother packing and traveling to another location. We took this advantage to capture as many emotional moments for this destination wedding movie.

The terrace above the dance floor was a perfect place to install our camera crane in order to shoot close-ups and wide shots from different filming perspectives. Camera crane with a motorized head is such a great cinematic movie gadget, but it’s important to blend it with a background so that it doesn’t stand out from the visual appearance of the wedding venue. We managed to blend it which enabled us to capture tons of beautiful, moving candid shots for Rhianan and Keith’s cinematic wedding video. Considering the fact that mostly all destination weddings take place in locations and venues with very little night light, it’s also essential to have high-end digital movie cameras with ultra-high ISO possibilities. By combining these cameras with prime film lenses with a large aperture allowed us to shoot in very low lighted space, we were literally almost completely in the dark. Here, we managed to film the wedding atmosphere that the candles provided without any disturbance of camera’s light.

During the evening we heard and filmed a lot of emotional speeches and beautiful things for Keith and Rhianan their friends and family said about them.

When we asked Rhianan what was her most memorable moment of her wedding day, she said that it was the moment she was walking down the aisle, the moment she’ll never forget. And when it comes to her favorite part of the evening she said that she loved how the saxophonist (which they arranged last minute) played perfectly house music in collaboration with their DJ as they never met alone. They worked together and it worked out perfectly.

“It was unexpected and brought a real sense of upbeat summer party.” – said Rhianan.

We also asked Rhianan to share some advice for the future “destination wedding” bride:

“Be open minded and trust your wedding planner” – said Rhianan and we couldn’t agree more.



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Destination Wedding Videographer -Filmmary wedding films  by  DT Studio weddings

We believe that client’s words worth more than anything so we decided to quote Rhianan about our work:

“I would recommend DT Studio to everyone! They went above and beyond with what we wanted. Not only capturing the wedding, but going to my home town and getting aerial shots from there. Such a special piece of film we will cherish forever!”

“The movie showed true emotions and moments of our wedding day and told the story on level we did not anticipate. We knew that they were good in producing cinematic wedding video, but you become aware of it once you see your wedding movie. Aerial shots are magnificent and I have never seen my beautiful town from this perspective and filmed in such a creative way.”

When we asked her what was the best part of her destination wedding film she said: “All of it! However, if I had to choose, it would be the moment I walked down the aisle”

She recognized the quality of our work and ability transform the classic “wedding video” into a contemporary, emotional and high-quality cinematic product.

Wedding Preparation, Ceremony and Celebration Venue – Paladnjaki, Žminj

In the heart of Istria in Croatia is a little place called Žminj, close to Žminj you’ll find Paladnjaki, a well-known agritourism place perfect for weddings. This is a special place with history run by a sister and brother for years now. Here you will find an amazing food menu and meals made of home grown food. Everything that is served here is made locally, which makes it even more amazing. The wedding venue is surrounded by lavender fields and olive trees.

Wedding Dress – Martina Liana Bridal

An Australian wedding dress designer whose wedding dress collection is more than just something a bride will wear only once in her life. Unforgettable and magical gowns are made from the luxurious fabrics and accentuate a womanly form. Her vision is to stir the heat of a husband-to-be when he sees his bride-to-be in her wedding dress.

Wedding Planner – Martina, Weddings In Croatia

Weddings in Croatia is a wedding planning agency with years of experience in event and wedding planning. They specialize in destination weddings and have been working with couples from all corners of the world. Their vision is to turn every newlywed’s wish and dream into reality. They bring elegance and glamour to any wedding venue.

Wedding Floral Design – Florami Studio

Florami Studio has years of experience in making wedding decorations. Their individual approach, flexibility and their absolute commitment to each client and project is what stands them from the crowd.  From the traditional weddings to modern and totally unusual, their main goal is to achieve the maximum quality and completely make their client’s dream come true.

Wedding Photography – IndigoBlu weddings



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