About & Faq

Hi!  I’m Tom,  cinematic wedding videographer,  passionate storyteller and a founder of Filmmarry


We’ve been on this amazing adventure for over 12 years and have enjoyed every single moment of filming destination weddings. Most of all We love capturing emotional stories from weddings, Travelling all over the world to capture amazing stories in beautiful locations, from intimate elopements to grand three-day parties

Real moments and emotions

Witnessing authentic moments and emotions on a couple’s most precious celebration is a privilege.  Capturing those celebrations of love and family, and turning them into family heirlooms to be cherished for years to come…  That is what makes this work rewarding.

Keen attention to details.

Our style in wedding videography is best described as imaginative, out-of-the-box, with an individual approach to each wedding. It is a combination of fine art  with a documentary style. We aim to capture those sincere, spontaneous, beautiful moments, to create films  full of emotion and depict the atmosphere as it truly was at the wedding. The story of each couple’s wedding day is unique, unpredictable, engaging, visually stunning and always timelessly elegant.


Cinematic approach to wedding videography


We produce wedding films with dynamic quality as well as the elegance of a high budget documentary. Skills developed through the years of work on numerous weddings and commercial projects combined with the portability of high-end modern cinematic equipment enable us to achieve the same excellent standards and recognisable style in our wedding movies –  regardless of whether it is a short highlight, trailer or full-featured wedding movie.



We have so many questions

At this stage of the wedding planning and organisation you are probably looking for answers to many questions. We wish to hear them all, as well as all your creative plans! Our answers, tips, suggestions will be given from the point of view of producing the best possible wedding films. The light, the event timing, your outfit, a relaxed atmosphere, the venue, the details – all of them impact the final impression of the wedding films. We are glad to discuss the type of wedding films you find attractive, that inspires you, so that we can explain what contributed to their creation and plan to achieve a similar impression.

Do you do destination weddings?

With great pleasure! Destination weddings are special and very dear to us. The bride and the groom, their families and friends embark on an adventure together, enjoying the journey, the relaxation and beautiful venues. We know from our first-hand experience that everybody is happy, easy-going and ready to have fun at any time – which is a perfect recipe for wonderful wedding films.

Can we meet before the wedding?

Certainly, if it is possible by location; if not, we can use skype, email or phone.

How do we book you?

This is a very simple step. Once you have decided to book us, we send you an agreement with all the details we have discussed, as well as our conditions and terms. When you have studied it properly, you pay in the advance, and as soon as we receive it, the date is yours.

What is your style of videography

Our style is  Cienematic, fine art documentary style. Documentary style approach enables us to capture spontaneous, candid moments when you are not even aware of our presence.
Fine art style is our way of doing things – artistically beautiful, emotional and interesting  films with attention to many details.
This does not imply that we never stage a scene or change something in it, we do, as our primary goal is to create something lovely, filled with emotion, intriguing, candid.

 Music selection and video editing style

It is essential to choose the right background music for films. We are open to your suggestions; however, the final selection will be ours. It takes much more time to find the right background for the film than to do the actual  edititing of the video spot itself. The chemistry between the scenes and the music, its rhythm, its dynamics… We edit the video so that the documentary parts take turns with those parts which have a musical background.