One Wedding – two countries – Wedding in Italy & Croatia | Rome & Dubrovnik wedding

A True Destination Wedding in Italy –  Rome and Croatia – Dubrovnik  Becky & Vu 

Deciding to marry the love of your life isn’t a difficult decision, but when you have to choose a place where you want to say your “I-do’s” is. Our beautiful couple, Becky and Vu, decided to go against their family tradition when it comes to their wedding in the early wedding planning stage so they eloped to Rome. We’re thankful for that simply for the selfish reasons to show our readers how remarkable Italian wedding they can have and beautiful photos and a movie of Becky and Vu’s love story.




When we were asked by Becky and Vu to photograph and film their destination wedding in Rome  we were so thrilled as to us, being destination wedding videographers is an extreme satisfaction because we get an opportunity to film destination weddings that are exceedingly cheerful and casual. The mood, spontaneity and willingness to fool around are the main ingredients in the “how to make the ultimate cinematic wedding video” recipe. Ask any destination wedding videographer, and he will confirm this.

Becky and Vu are Vietnamese, both born and raised in the United States of America and they both share a thirst for travel and adventure. They brought their family and friends from USA to Europe to connect the adventure, travel and destination wedding in Europe.

They wanted to raise that adventure to the “next level” so they chose, not one, but two cities in two different countries for their destination wedding – Dubrovnik in Croatia and Rome in Italy, one of the prettiest locations and destinations on the old continent. 


Wedding in Italy – Wedding Ceremony in Rome


Rome is such a mesmerizing city, perfectly located between the large number of historical monuments and sites which gives the city a unique character. You can sense the romance simply by wandering through this city’s gorgeous square and piazzas. Rome is a home of the Vatican, a place where history and romance meet and touch everyone who visit this place.

We arrived at Rome early, just right before the sunrise, so that we could film the most remarkable locations in Rome for our “Wedding in Rome” part of the wedding film and not be disturbed by the tourists who also simply love this destination. We enjoyed it in every step of the way, in each scenery, tried to convey all our feelings through our cameras, and we looked forward to it because we knew that these shots will look nice in our “Wedding in Rome” movie.

Our first, in-person, meeting with our newlyweds Becky and Vu was in St. Anne in the Vatican, where they had a wedding rehearsal. We could not resist to the stunning architecture of the church so we started to shoot its remarkable details.

We spent the rest of the day exploring Rome and preparing our gear for tomorrow’s shooting of our “Wedding in Rome” film.


Rome wedding videographer

Wedding in Rome

Becky and Vu planned to have a church wedding in Vatican and a lunch with their family and friends. Since the wedding was scheduled at 12 am, we decided to spend the entire morning, taking shots for this Italian wedding movie, at various locations in Rome. As the sun started to illuminate the roofs, we were on the Piazza Della Rotonda, right in front of the Pantheon, enjoying the serenity and monuments that exude this place. Being there when no tourists, fences, security, police, military is an invaluable experience for each destination wedding videographer. We walked through the Piazza Navona, enjoyed the authenticity of small streets, looking for the perfect band of light. Every wedding filmmaker enjoys such spontaneous moments when he suddenly has an opportunity to capture the creative scene for their cinematic wedding film. It was perfect!

While in the Vatican, it was still early enough to have a nice light and not too many tourists around for the shooting. We enjoyed the sound of the Fountains at the St. Peter’s Square, walking between the Colonnades. Vatican architecture is the perfect background for this type of shooting and every wedding filmmaker enjoys working with such background.


Rome wedding Videographer


Becky and Vu had a long mass wedding and we found it very interesting to listen to the entire mass in Vietnamese, something we never heard before. It was remarkable, at times very familiar and yet exotic. We recorded the entire mass with two cameras, although we knew that we need to take just highlight shots  for our short wedding video too, but we simply thought it would be such a shame not to have possibilities to edit the long wedding movie from their wedding ceremony.

After the mass, they all gathered for lunch at the Les Etoile restaurant, a well-known restaurant with a beautiful terrace and garden on the roof of the building with a view of the entire Rome and the Vatican. Due to the tight legal regulations on having a drone fly around the monuments it was important to us to capture the city’s view from height, another very important ingredient in the “how to make the best destination wedding” recipe.

The same day Becky and Vu went to Dubrovnik in order to prepare everything for their big wedding celebration in Croatia, while we stayed one more day in Rome and visited the nearby places with the best views to record even more scenes for our destination wedding video from Rome. The sudden cloudburst surprised us and partly prevented us in our intention, but we needed a break from filmmaking anyway.


Wedding Celebration in Dubrovnik, Croatia


In Dubrovnik, we started the same as in Rome, we visited several the most cinematic places to shoot the scenes for our cinematic wedding video. While Becky and Vu did their preparations, we admired their traditional Vietnamese national wedding attire which they prepared for the special evening moment. They booked Villa Sheherezade as their wedding preparation and celebration venue, a one of the most unique Villas in Dubrovnik with its remarkable history. Its rooms were the perfect backdrop which was essential for the cinematic wedding movie we planned to make. We took a few scenes at the villa’s garden and did a short interview with Becky and Vu where they told us their love story from how they met to how they came up with the idea to opt for a destination wedding in Europe.

“We have been blessed with the ability to travel by opportunities our parents provided for us in immigrating to the United States. Although we know we can never repay them for all they have done, we wanted to give them an opportunity to experience the beauty beyond the comfortable perimeter of our home towns.”

Becky said and added:

“In 2014 we took a trip to Europe (Becky‘s first time) and fell in love with Rome, Italy and Dubrovnik,Croatia. One year later we were engaged, and in the early wedding planning stages, decided to go against family wedding tradition and plan for the most epic trip our imaginations could dream up.”

She also said that the most important thing for them was to have both their parents relaxed and get enjoy their planned wedding trip without having to worry about anything.

Having couples agree to do the interview is the  beautiful thing for the cinematic wedding view as wedding films that have a conversation with the newlyweds is always more interesting than just a simple wedding video. This way they convey their emotions and love they have for each other directly to viewers. We believe that every wedding videographer should always try to sweet-talk the newlyweds to record at least a short interview.

Their guests began to gather on the terrace of the villa and went down to the pool where they enjoyed the beautiful view of Dubrovnik and special villa’s gardens. We enjoyed filming scenes here as each of them was special and important to our destination wedding movie – a dream of every destination wedding videographer.





Destination wedding videographer rome wedding fiilmmaker

Wedding in Rome and Dubrovnik


We filmed the outlines of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and Villa’s architecture with the drone. The Villa looked even more beautiful when viewed from the sea and from the height which was possible to shoot only with the drone, a real treat for every wedding videographer and his Italian and Croatian wedding movie.

Becky and Vu’s guests slowly started to enter the restaurant terrace where they were greeted with delicacies. What followed was Becky and Vu’s first dance, a speech of their family members and friends that we recorded all in order to have more choices later when we start edit our wedding movie. The party was eccentric and outlandish as every guest had glowing accessories which was a really great motive for the wedding video. Becky and Vu also had a smokescreen what they used couple of times during the night which gave special atmosphere to this destination wedding video.

We also asked Becky if she could share some experience with our readers and future brides and grooms about planning a destination wedding:

“Planning a wedding from another continent is no easy feat so it was important that communication remain open and flowing with everyone involved in our wedding.”

Becky said and gave an advice every future bride and groom should follow when they decide to plan their destination wedding.






The Rome & Dubrovnik Wedding Team & Vendors


Destination Wedding Videographer  & Destinaton Weding Photographer – DT Studio

What Becky said about us (testimonials);

“We wanted our adventure to be documented by the most skilled destination wedding pho tographer and cinematic videographer we could convince to come along with us. Vu, master of research and detail, scoured the vast interweb, interviewed many, and confidently selected  DTstudio after countless hours spent viewing and reviewing their online portfolio. We were elated when they agreed to shoot for us.”

DT Studio destination wedding photographers and videographers exceeded our expectations of responsiveness and flexibility. Best of all, we received the most amazing wedding photos we could ever imagine and we will cherish the memories these photos elicit for the rest of our lives.


Wedding in Italy – ceremony church – Sant’Anna dei Palafrenieri, Vatican, Italy

The St. Anna Church is a well-known parish church in the Vatican. It is made in dedication to the mother of Virgin Mary – St. Anne. Considering the fact that tourists who visit the Vatican city are mostly Catholics, future brides and groom who plan on having a wedding in the Vatican can find an English-speaking priest with ease. The church is easy to book and compared to the St. Peter’s Church the chances you’ll find an available date at St. Anna’s church are bigger. ‘Till the mid-18 CT., the inside of the church was completely white with a touch of natural colors of the Travertine stone which is quite typical for the churches build in the Renaissance era. By the influence of Baroque, the Archconfraternity decided to decorate the St. Anna’s church with plenty of gold and silver stucco and gilt which made her more lavish. Despite all the baroque details, the church remained its initial “all-white” plan.

Wedding in Italy  – Wedding Ceremony lunch venue – Les Etoiles

Placed on the top floor of the Roman Hotel Atlante Star, Les Etoiles is a beautiful panoramic restaurant with a garden and a unique, clear view of the Vatican city. Here you’ll find delicious local food made out of fresh ingredients with both Italian and international touch. If you’re a wine lover, here you’ll find a fine selection of the best Italian wines in the region. It has a remarkable scenic backdrop often used by the international TV networks and is a perfect wedding venue where all your guests will be delighted with the view on the eternal city – Rome.

Wedding Organization and Decoration – Marcela Ljubomirac (D’inspiration)

D’inspiration is a family business with more than 5 years of experience in planning destination weddings in Dubrovnik and more than 30 years of experience in tourism branch. They strive to cover everything and make every wedding a dream come true. They use the tailor-made approach to every wedding and offer organizing honeymoons too.

Wedding celebration venue – Villa Sheherezade

Villa Sheherezade is a truly remarkable Mediterranean luxury resort and retreat. Having its beach, pier and a really intriguing history, Villa is one of the top spots for newlyweds who come to have their wedding in Dubrovnik. Placed on a cliff, it has a clear view at the Adriatic sea and both Lokrum and Dubrovnik’s well-known fortress walls which most magazines and stations called a “pitch-perfect” paradise. The villa has 4000 squares white-stone terraces of which two of them are at the rooftop and an outdoor pool. A true paradise for relaxation!


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