Italian inspired Wedding – Wild Wedding Weekend in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lots of fun and Italian touches

We often work with international couples who simply love Croatia and our cinematic  videography style, but today’s gorgeous bride and groom took that to a whole other level.

Davor & Alyssa both love Italy (especially Sicily) but their favorite is Croatia –  so it was no-brainier that their wedding would be an ode to their favorite city in the world – Dubrovnik! And where better to celebrate your love than the historic, insanely romantic and the iconic Dubrovnik, with the Adriatic sea crystal waters and palm trees perfect for our cinematic wedding  videography backdrop.

Davor and Alyssa were the perfect couple to capture such an emotional, intimate and fun wedding video, with his signature Italian details yet atmospheric style.



With an unrehearsed and teary ceremony, Alyssa looked stunning in her gown and Davor looked cool with his hat and a bow tie. After a stunning session, while walking down the streets of Dubrovnik with all their guests, the couple got their celebration party underway with lots of fun and Italian touches. (There was even a donkey outside the church when the ceremony ended, just keep reading on).

Dubrovnik Wedding

Scroll down to swoon over the stunning destination videography full feature wedding video  from Alyssa and Davor’s big day, but be sure to read their entire wedding story too on our Dubrovnik wedding photographer blog. Davor’s Italian touch to their Dubrovnik destination wedding was freaking epic and Alyssa’s great smile and emotions were charming.


Their Wedding Story 

Davor proposed to Alyssa long time ago and they had a 2-year engagement, but when it comes to their wedding, everything was planned in the last minute. From catering that was confirmed only 3 days before the wedding to the wedding dress that was done only 5 days before the wedding. Their wedding planning was hectic and casual, they bought their wedding rings on the day of the wedding – what more can we say? But it turned out magnificent!


Old Italian Weddings as inspiration

The most deserving person for the wedding details and inspiration was our groom Davor. He was inspired by the old Italian wedding photos and wanted a true Sicilian wedding day that included a donkey, beautiful bird cages hanging off the ceilings, etc.


Wedding day doesn’t have to be stressed with details

Our best advice for the future bride and groom is to simply enjoy their wedding process, whether is long or short like our couple’s. Also, take a moment and look at each other on the day and be thankful for your love. Time goes faster than you can imagine and your wedding day doesn’t have to be stressed with details, running around making everything perfect. Sometimes it’s best to let yourself go, be casual and enjoy the moment.


There is really not much we can think of that we would do differently if we were in Davor and Alyssa’s place. Since they had a destination wedding in Dubrovnik, they managed to do everything to make easier settling for their guests, they helped them fall in love with the place they’re marrying in by showing them Dubrovnik through their 3-day wedding.


Italian-inspired cocktail party

Alyssa and Davor ditched the rehearsal dinner and threw a sophisticated, Italian-inspired cocktail party. The gathering was held at the Sponza palace that was stunningly decorated with hanging bird cages filled with flowers and candles. The entire evening had a feel like we were in the old, romantic Italian movie, even the popular singer Igor Cukrov sang Davor’s favourite song from the movie The Godfather and waiters served Italian cheeses, Dalmatian prosciutto, fruit tarts, sea food in small wooden boats. How great, right? It was the perfect scenery for our destination wedding movie.


Italian inspired wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Italian inspired wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Wedding day

Davor and Alyssa chose to prepare for their wedding at different locations so they booked 2 luxurious villas. Villa Allure for Davor and Villa Anne for Alyssa. Since both villas are close to their ceremonial spot – remarkable Dubrovnik Cathedral, they chose to walk down the main street with their best friends and family to the church.

The bride’s entrance was remarkable, with lots of emotions and touching song sang by the popular female a-Capella group Fa Linđo. They left everyone breathless.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds stepped outside where the popular musical group Klapa Ragusavecchia welcomed them with beautiful songs. Here, Davor chose a real donkey and chicken to join them and their guests while shooting pictures and video outside the church. Cute and fun touches that any wedding videographer would appreciate as it gives the special touch to the couple’s destination wedding video.


After taking a few moments to take gorgeous pictures and videography scenes, Davor and Alyssa decided to walk to their wedding reception venue – The Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik.


Everything was organised outside so the beautiful scenery from the nature that provided the view from the roof was perfect for shooting their wedding video. The celebration lasted untill the early morning hours entertained by the DJ, a Croatian singer Djani Stipanicev and Davor’s and Alyssa’s special little guest – Davor’s friend’s son who performed on Russian talent show sang Adele’s Hello.


 After-The-Wedding Relaxation At The Coral Beach Club


What really amazed us at this wedding was a bride and groom’s idea to organise a relaxing after-the-wedding party at the Coral Beach Club. They hired a Karaka boat for all of their guests and sailed to the popular Coral Beach club relaxing, swimming and enjoying under the warm Croatian sky.


Few days after the wedding, we decided to sway our bride and groom to visit the Park Orsula, one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Dubrovnik, where we knew we will be able to shoot some great video scenes and take beautiful photos.


We managed to somehow talk into our newlyweds to visit the Park Orsula which we believe is one of the magnificent outdoor wedding venues in Dubrovnik where we did a session of beautiful photographs that can be seen in this blog post.


We wish Davor and Alyssa best in their future and want to thank them for choosing us to capture the most important day in their lives.


The wedding team and vendors:

Dubrovnik Wedding Photography – DT Studio
Wedding Cinematography – The Filmmarry  – Destination wedding Videographer

Friday night cocktail party venueSponza palace


Sponza palace is a true spirit of Dubrovnik that shows this city’s culture and wealth in its full glory. Designed in a Gothic and Renaissance style this place is perfect for hosting events, especially wedding events such as rehearsing dinners, small wedding parties and intimate gatherings. Today, it serves as a city’s archive, but due to its beautiful architecture and history, this place becomes the number one place for couples who come to Dubrovnik to get married.

Groom’s preparation venue – Villa Allure


One of the most luxurious accommodations in Dubrovnik that presents the authentic feel of the traditional Dubrovnik culture. With a beautiful view from its terraces, this place also becomes one of the top spots to have your holidays in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


Bride’s preparation venueVilla Anne


Villa Anne, strategically positioned to have the best view of all villas in Dubrovnik, is a perfect luxurious accommodation for everyone who comes to Dubrovnik to enjoy their holidays. Here, you’ll find nothing but relaxation, peace and a remarkable view.

Wedding ceremony church –  Dubrovnik Cathedral


Constructed on the foundation where was a Romanesque cathedral built, Dubrovnik Cathedral is everything but ordinary. With its numerous relics that date from the 11th century and beautiful, romantic history, it’s the place where most couples want to get married.


Wedding ceremony musicKlapa Fa Linđo


Famous Croatian a-cappella singing group with lots of awards collected over the years, Klapa Fa Linđo presents something beautiful, traditional and remarkable. Most will say that they are the best thing that can happen to Dubrovnik in the last 10 years.


After the wedding ceremony bandKlapa Ragusavecchia

The band Klapa Ragusavecchia is a male singing group popular for their special touch of tradition, beauty and love for music. Over the years they received numerous awards and performed with the most prestigious names in the Croatian music industry.

Wedding celebration venueThe Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik


One of the most exclusive venues in Dubrovnik that is not centered only on hosting weddings. This venue is made and designed to be opened to all events, and couples simply love it because of its beautiful backdrop, history and stunning view.

The “day after the wedding” venueThe Coral Beach club


When you think of relaxation, the first thing that should cross your mind is the Coral Beach club. Located on the amazing spot on the west coast of the peninsula Babin kuk this place exudes luxury and relaxation. Here, you can stay all day sipping cocktails under the warm sun or taking a swim in the Adriatic sea.


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